What can of worms are you opening, Mr. Robertson?

Pat Roberson told a man that divorce is allowed if the spouse has Alzheimer’s since, “it is a kind of death”.

If you can say a degenerative condition of the brain is a kind of death, couldn’t you argue that a degenerative condition of the body is a kind of death?

Are we going to start debating on when the end of life actually occurs?  Are we going to be deciding that patients with this diagnosis need to have their life?

Last year I had a facility tell me that Gpa needed to go on hospice because of three things, 1. his age, 2. his weight loss, 3. his disinterest in activities.

The facts were, 1. he was still walking, talking and feeding himself, 2. he’d lost all but 4 teeth and needed dental soft foods, pancakes and scrambled eggs all he wanted but wasn’t being served, 3. he had bronchitis and was not allowed to rest in his bed.

I took him for a second opinion, he wasn’t read for hospice.  Still isn’t.

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