Counting Buttons

OK first I want to tell you that the word buttons, has a special meaning for Gpa and I.  We used to have to spend hours in the fabric shop waiting on mom and grandma.  He would look for ways to entertain me and asked me what the words on the walls would be if said backwards.

Well buttons backwards is…. snot tub! hahahahahahaha

Then he started telling his friends that his nickname for me was buttons.  They all thought it was so cute!  Only I knew he was really calling me snot tub!

The other day, while dressing Gpa, he started counting the buttons as I buttoned them.  Oh, good idea I thought.  This will give his mind something to do.

So now I make sure to ask him if he wants to count the buttons.  He does.  Not always in numerical order, however mostly the numbers he says are sequintial in some way.

Sometimes he’ll count by tens, sometimes he’ll name odd numbers and sometimes, by the time I’m done buttoning, he’ll be in the hundreds!

What are you doing to keep your mind active?

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