Reducing Stress for Dementia Caregivers

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m doing a great thing.  I don’t look at it that way.  I love my Gpa and want whats best for him.  If you knew him, you’d be staying home and taking care of him too.  No brainer!

I also know it is important to take care of me, and I do so.  Here are some things I do to reduce stress of caregiving:

1. Take deep breaths.  If your breath is shallow, you are not getting enough oxygen.  Breath is life!

2. Rub your palms together and place over your eyes.  The warmth will freshen your eyes and help you not feel tired.

3. Listen to your favorite music.   Music can set the mood, from relaxed to energy filled.

4. Take a walk.  Even if it is to the next room or out to the back yard.

5. Do some light stretches.  Hold each stretch and feel the tension ease away.

6. Count to ten.  Really!  It works.


Let me know what you do to reduce stress!

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