Still a Gentleman

Gpa is one of those men who belong in the ‘gentleman’ category.  He’s also been called a ‘Daper Dan’.

He still is.

I asked him today if he wanted to go to the post office with me.  He said he didn’t have any money.  I said he didn’t need money for the post office. He replied that he wanted to pay for the gas!

He was also concerned about his difficulty in walking.  We discussed the arthritis in his knees, which is a new thing since his dementia.  It isn’t something he ever knew.  He understood.  He asked how  the doctor knew about the arthritis.  So he pulled up his pants leg to look at his knees.  I showed him where his knees were enlarged and compared them to mine.

He was OK with that.

Then we had a lovely ride doing errands and he said thank you!

Great day with Gpa!

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