A Mind of His Own

Gpa has two walkers.  One a plain metal frame and the other a shiny red one with a seat.

I’ve been thinking of the plain one as the inside one and the red one as the one we take for our travels.  This way he can sit down when we are in a line at the post office, while I look at options at the grocery store or at the library while I pick up my requested materials.

Today he let me know that he wanted his red walker.  I told him where it was and thought that was enough.  He wanted to lay down so I helped him to his room.

I was working on the computer and kept his door open because sometimes, he lies down only long enough for me to leave the room, then he is up again.

Well good thing I was keeping my eye on him!  He got up and left the metal walker.  He was in search of the red one!!!  Oh no!   I really don’t think that one will be good for the mornings he decides to get up himself.

I told him tonight when I tucked him in that the doctor wants him to wait until I get him in the morning.  Let’s see if he remembers in the morning.

I hope so.

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