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Sometimes Good, Sometimes Bad

We have good days and bad days.  We have days we behave and days we don’t behave.  I like to focus on the positive but I don’t want anyone to think that caring for someone is all fun all the time.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m ignoring or sugar-coating what life is like,  I like to focus on the things that I want to remember and that is the beauty of  choice.

I hope that you choose what is good for you.


A Little Communication Goes a Long Way

Since I don’t remember this, the story goes like this:

Gma and Gpa were watching me while mom was in the hospital having baby brother(which turned out to be baby sister)

In the morning, they asked me what I wanted to eat for breakfast.

A sandwich.







Just jelly?


I got very frustrated and after thinking a while, I blurted out.

Toast, Grandma, Toast!

Had a similar thing happen last night with Gpa.  Only he didn’t get as frustrated.

He had been telling me to leave the light on.  I would and then when I went to bed, I’d turn off the light.  However, the last few nights I was leaving the light on all night.  (Which may be why he’s been getting up hourly)

after  put him to bed, I sat down to finish a movie I had been watching.  I heard him scuffling and went to check on him.  He was against the door on the floor.  He told me he had fallen down and couldn’t get up.  I told him to skootch away from the door and I’d help him.

I squeezed in and did so.

He said he was trying to turn off the light.  I tucked him in and asked him if he wanted the light on or off.  He said, he wanted the light on now and for me to turn the light off when I came in the second time.



We All Fall Down

Gpa fell down and got a goose egg.  My biggest fear in relation to Gpa’s health care, is for him to fall and injure himself. (There was one place he lived that he fell and broke bones four out of the 10 months he lived there)  I have to thank God that he fell on his head rather than his hip.  Our family nick name is knot head because we are so hard-headed.  Now we have evidence that this trait goes back generations.

I called the doctor and got the symptoms to watch for as well and the instruction to wake Gpa up hourly to check on him.  I thought it was ironic that I’d be the one to do the waking up.

He always knew how many fingers I was holding up, though a couple of times I could tell he was joking around, so I’d stand still until he gave me the real answer.

He has a terrific bruise now.  I’m glad he wears a cap!

A Cat or a Dog

My daughters have started talking about getting a pet for Gpa.  It started when an elderly cat showed up at the shelter.  Gena thought that would be perfect since I don’t want a pet, I wouldn’t be committing to a long-term thing.  But we were going out-of-town and I wanted to wait til we got back.

Good news, the cat found a home.

Then a co-workers son moved and couldn’t take their cat.  Still before the trip so I said check later. Opps we are back, but Lillie hasn’t checked yet.

She has witnessed how upset I get with Gpa throwing food on the floor.  It is mostly when it goes straight from the plate to the floor.  When that happens, I know he got NO nutrition!!!!

So now she is campaigning for me to get a dog so it can clean the floor for me!  hahaha. Um I think there should be more reason than that to get an animal.  Though the dog would have liked the potato and sausage casserole that found its way to the floor.

Gena has pointed out I could foster the dog…..  There are three at the shelter now that she think might be contenders.  They all get fixed on Monday, so we’ll take a look on Wednesday.  She is going to observe them and help me narrow it down,

I just need to decide if I want to add another member to the household.   I’ll take input until Monday.


Thoughts on Thursday

Even though Thursday is my busiest day around the house, I look forward to it.

Thursday is trash day, I also sweep, mop and vacuum the house. I like the way the house looks after the effort. I like the trash cans being empty.

Almost like a fresh start.  And what a great way to start the weekend. This has been when we see the most people especially since most people are busy with work and such during the week.

I like that feeling.

The girls are wanting me to get a pet.  First it was a cat to regulate Gpa’s breathing, now it is a dog so it can clean the floor when Gpa throws food on the floor.  The dog would have liked the meat and potatoes that he threw on the floor at lunch.  I don’t mind him throwing it after he’s tried to eat it but sometimes he’ll get to scooping it up and dumping it directly on the floor.

It drives me nuts when he does this!  He doesn’t get any nutritional value going from plate to floor!!!!

There is a poodle that I might be able to foster, Gpa and I are going to meet it tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

Canned Biscuit Donuts and New Brakes

When I was at the grocery store the other day, canned biscuits were on sale, .59 a can.  Prices, I remember fondly when the kids were little.  So I picked up 4 cans.  I was remembering making donuts out of the biscuits.  I got them home and forgot all about them.

Lillie had a doctor’s appointment and we left the house at 7:30 to get there by 9:20.  She noticed that I need to get the brakes looked at so she looked up a place close to the doctor office and told me to do that while she was doing her thing.

Well, needed new brakes but they also told me that something wasn’t tightened up when the transmission was worked on.  They were happy to do it but they were going to charge me.  I told them that I would take the car back to who did the original work.  Great, a new thing to add to my list.  I was living north of town when I got it done and I’ll have to find the paperwork.  Why don’t I keep my filing up to date????

So we got home and we all took a nap.  When I got up, I saw the biscuits and knew that Lillie would like some.  The kids always loved those donuts.  I don’t know if Gpa has ever had them but he liked the ones I gave him.

Later Gena came over and napped too!  Before she went home, the girls and I played cards.  Had a great visit!

Juggling Class

We had a quite day until late afternoon. I started teaching juggling at the library on Tuesdays.

We had twice as many people and Gpa was entertained by watching all the bean bags flying through the air.  Mostly kids are coming in but a couple of parents tried too!  That was great!

One guy was ready to try out the clubs.  I told him next week I could show him how to pass the beanbags, with the goal of learning how to pass the clubs.

He said a tentative yes. YES! Juggling is fun and you can do it by yourself or with other people.  I think it will be so cool to get all the students up to passing clubs.  How fun is that!  I have always said the more the merrier.

The class wraps up when I should be getting Gpa ready for bed.  So he was concerned that he didn’t know how to get home.  So I said the directions of what we were doing.  He asked me what I was doing.  I said, ‘You wanted to know how to get home, I’m telling you.”

I asked him if he’d like to do it again next week,  he said yes.  YES!

Better Appetite

It wasn’t until this week that I really noticed that Gpa’s appetite has increased. I don’t know if it is because we’ve taken him off the diabetic meds or if he because he has decided he wanted to live.

He ate a great breakfast and then at about 9:30 he was hungry and at breakfast casserole for an hour!  He ate about half of it.  What!?!

This is a good problem to have, I’ll have to figure out some soft foods he can eat.

Lille brought a rice dish that a friend made.  It sweet and Gpa likes it a lot!  I’ll see if I can get the recipe.

100 years and 1 day

Well, about the only thing we did all day, was attend church.  Gpa got recognised and everyone sang to him.

Several youth talked about their experience with Youth Christmas Institute.  I have never heard of it so it was nice to learn something new.

One boy talked about how his experience would be something he would never forget.  I looked at Gpa and wondered what kinds of experiences he had when he was younger that the thought he’d never forget.  We’ll never know.

We stayed in the rest of the day,  I did laundry and that’s about it.

Celebrating 100 years is a lot of work!  There has to be a day of rest and renewal.

I think both Gpa and I have been worried about making it to the day.

Now we can enjoy each day as it comes.

So glad to be on the other side of countdown now!

Happy Birthday to you! Gpa is 100 years old.

Gpa which I say now stands for Greatest Person of All time, is 100 years old now!

The Sunday school we had attended while living on the north side of town came to celebrate. Only four were able to come but a fun time was had by all.

One friend has a handicap and found out last minute that she was going to have to ride the shuttle. She showed up early, which was fine, but I’m not sure why she didn’t tell me when she knew. I was in the back yard doing yard work and it wasn’t until I went to the front to cut the grass, that I found her on the porch thinking she was having to wake me up!

We did have a nice visit and I enjoyed getting to know her better. When the rest of the people showed up, they got into costumes and danced the can-can!

It was funny to watch Gpa try to figure out what was going on.

Later in the afternoon, my son and his family called to tell Gpa happy birthday.

The girls and some friends met us at a cafeteria. One has a 5 month old baby. She is a doll and doesn’t mind that Gpa pokes her. One of the guys tickled her tummy and she started to cry. But then mom gave her a bottle. So I reassured the guy that her reaction was probably due to being hungry.

Celebrating 100 years old!

After we were done with dinner, I met a former friend/classmate from music therapy class and her mom and she sang “If I had a Hammer”. We were able to catch up a bit but it was now after Gpa’s b-day and he was worried about getting home.

All in all, I’d say it was a great day!