More than Scratching His Back

Tonight wasn’t a typical Friday night.  Not that I had any real plans anyway.  I finished a project earlier in the day and decided to just hang out the rest of the day.

I was sitting next to Gpa reading a library book and started scratching his back.  He would shift and turn to where he wanted me to scratch. And when I stopped, he indicated that he wanted me to continue.  So I did.

This reminded me that we all need human touch.  There was a linguistic study a long time ago.  The administrators of the study wanted to know what language a baby would learn if it wasn’t talked to.  One group of babies in an orphanage was treated like they always were and the other group was not talked to when the caregivers were feeding, changing and bathing.

Most of the babies that were not talked to, died.

So I’m doing more that scratching Gpa’s back.  I’m letting him know how very loved he is. Giving him human interaction and something to look forward to.  Oh, and I look forward to scratching his back as well!

What do you look forward to?

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