Backwards Day

Most days, it’s not until later in the day that Gpa gets distracted, confused, or restless.  This is called the sundown effect and is believed to happen because the day has been tiring.

However, Gpa got up at 5:55, before anyone else.  About the time I woke up and heard his walker, he was sitting on Lillie who was sleeping on the sofa.  Some days Gpa doesn’t get up until 7am or later.

So today, he was restless as soon as he got up.  He was not happy with me when I made him stay in the bathroom longer than he wanted to.  The told me to go hell, twice.  I asked him if he wanted me to go right then.  He said, ‘no’.

All morning, he kept getting up and walking to the door or the chair in the kitchen.  No, I”m not going to feed him anytime he goes in the kitchen.

However, late in the afternoon, we had a lovely chat and he called me dear.  So I guess, I’ve either redeemed myself (taking him for a ride can have that effect) or he thinks I’ve been to Hell and back, twice.

Now that he is safely tucked in,  I’m gonna turn in early too.

I hope you enjoyed your day, whichever way it went for you!

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