Like Lars and The Real Girl

When I am in the bathroom upside down, dressing Gpa,  I think of the movie, “Lars and the Real Girl”, staring Ryan Gosling and Emily Mortimer.

Except it is probably easier to dress the doll in Lars than to dress Gpa.  No matter how many times I tell him to point his toes, he keeps them flexed!  It is not easy to get feet through a pair of pants when the feet are flexed.

But the doll isn’t able to interact.  I told Gpa to go ‘pee-pee / poo-poo’ the other day and he said, “pee-pee /poo-poo’.  Um  so how am I going to get him to understand what I want him to do?

This morning I asked him if he was finished.  He nodded.  I didn’t realize that this was one of the times he was just nodding, until I saw liquid on the toilet seat.  ‘Sit down, sit down!’ and by the time I got him seated, the back of his pants was wet.

I asked him, “what are you doing?”

He replied, “Pee-pee.”

OK maybe not so much like Lars and the Real Girl, but it feels like it…

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