Driving without a License

Yesterday I took Gpa to a couple of bookstores.  I’ve been spoiled by the grocery store and other locations that have the sliding glass door to let you in.

It was too much walking for Gpa so I had him sit in his walker and I pushed him.  Getting in and out the stores was not easy.  At one, someone held the door and I really appreciated it!

At the other store, people pushed past us and let the door close behind them.  Wow.  I thought, how rude.  But now I wonder if they weren’t thinking how rude we were to block the door.

I was distracted once we got out on the sidewalk.  I didn’t notice that there were bricks with spaces in between.  I was pulling Gpa one handed and his wheel got stuck.  And before I knew it, over he went.

The walker didn’t come with any instructions, but I bet it wasn’t made to be used as a wheel chair, nor for pulling people one handed.

Gpa is doing fine, he’s had a good night sleep and great breakfast.  As soon as I’m done here, we are getting ready to go eat lunch with Gena.

I’ll be more careful.  I’m thinking of googling how to operate walkers with seats.

Have a great Friday!

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