Demented Road Trip – Day 1

Gpa and I rode out to California with John.  We got up at 6:30 and left at 9 am.  John’s plan was to drive straight through the 22 hours.  I wa game as long as he was flexible to Gpa’s needs.  It rained off and on as we drove through Texas.

When we stopped to get gas, I kept Gpa in the car and had him stretch.   In New Mexico, we stopped at a great rest stop and I took him to the bathroom.  Everything looked new and clean.  There were signs to watch for rattlesnakes, and I looked diligently.  I didn’t see a one.  Later I realized that it was too cool out for a snake to want to be out. Whew!

Gpa sat in the back seat and enjoyed looking out the window.  When I would look back at him, he’s wave.  At one point I noticed orange stuff on his pants.  He had found an old bag of Cheetos!

Needless to say, I took them away.

When it got dark, he started asking about when we were going to bed and he wanted to go home.  I was able to appease him until we reached flagstaff.  So we stopped and found a hotel.

Boy, was that a smart thing to do!  He had to go to the bathroom and if we had stayed in the car, it would have been such a mess!  It was also good that John and I had a good night sleep as we had 7 hours more to drive.

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