Demented Road Trip – Day 2

At 6 am Gpa got up and wanted to ‘get out of here’.  The walker was wedged in the space between the beds and he got frustrated.  He leaned back and pressed his feet against the end table.  Reminded me of the guy in 127 hours.

I got him up and took him to the lobby and got him coffee and me breakfast,  letting John get a little more sleep.

A couple with three kids were having breakfast as well.  The dad spilled his coffee on his hand and we got to talking.  I said Gpa wouldn’t believe me that it wasn’t time to get up.  He laughed and said he had the same conversation with his one year old.

We went back to the room and got John up.  We were on the road by 9am.  When he asked me how long were we going to be in the car, I asked him questions until I found out 2 hours was the answer he wanted.

We had a great trip and got into town before dark!  It was so good to have 2 people to get Gpa in and out of the car.


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