3 Days to 100 years Old!

Today we stayed in, mostly because I’m trying to get ready for Saturday.  I’ve had 88 pavers stacked around the yard like an abandoned Stonehenge waiting to be come a patio.  Since it rained the other day(Thanks God!) and the ground was soft enough to dig up, I’ve been working on this project.

Other things like dishes and filing are on hold.  Which causes my daughter to call me a hobo.  Um, what?

It will get done and how does that make me a hobo?  Though I’ve always thought it might be fun to jump on a freight train.  But being a rule follower, I’ll never do that.  I may sometime buy a random ticket and see where it takes me.

Even though we have stopped the metformin thinking it is the cause of Gpa’s weight loss, he still seems to be just skin and bones.  He has a hard time swallowing even his favorite foods, like pancakes and scrambled eggs.

He does ok with oatmeal and I try to vary what I put in it.  He has indicated he’d like something else to eat.  Or rather throw on the floor.  I HATE throwing food way but I am more frustrated that he’s not getting the food down him.

He loves his protein shake, but it’s like Chinese food for most people (because they don’t eat with chopsticks) he feels hungry 20 min later.  Or is it when he wakes up, he thinks it’s time to eat?

Tomorrow I’ll put sand in the cracks, Friday, I’ll do the rest of the yardwork, and put the food together.  Saturday, before the party, vacuum, sweep/mop and cook the food.


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