1 Day to 100 Years Old

Several things happened while we were out and about. 

One - the traffic was horrible.  So I kept making adjustments on how to get there and back. I'm so glad I know the city well enough to not have to sit in a jam.

Two - The drive through at the bank was broken so we had to go in.  Great, I was hoping I wouldn't have to get him out of the car.  
I have a ton of things to do at the house. People from my old Sunday School are coming over at 11 am to celebrate.  They say they have a surprise but I can't for the life of me guess what it could be.  What do you get a 100 year old with 4 teeth and dementia?  We'll know tomorrow, won't we?

Three - saw a van with polka dots.  There is a story that a woman was wondering if she should make a choice.  She asked God to show her a sign, she picked a truck with polka-dots thinking, won't happen so no worries.
While at the library with her son, he brought her a book and on the back was a truck with polka dots.  At the time I first heard the story, I told a friend who was thinking of quitting her job.  She decided to ask for a polka dotted truck and saw it in a movie she sent to see!

It was fun to see the truck, but I haven't asked God for a sign.  I figure God was just reminding me of the possibilities of our desires.  I smiled and said thank you.   Then I realized that I wouldn't have seen this truck, if I hadn't had to change my route 3 times! (hint to me: enjoy the journey)

Four - I was thinking I might get my water colors out, if I got Gpa to paint with me.  I asked him if he'd like to paint.  He replied, "no."

I asked him what he wanted to do. He said, "Live."

Sounds good to me.
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