Thoughts on Thursday

Even though Thursday is my busiest day around the house, I look forward to it.

Thursday is trash day, I also sweep, mop and vacuum the house. I like the way the house looks after the effort. I like the trash cans being empty.

Almost like a fresh start.  And what a great way to start the weekend. This has been when we see the most people especially since most people are busy with work and such during the week.

I like that feeling.

The girls are wanting me to get a pet.  First it was a cat to regulate Gpa’s breathing, now it is a dog so it can clean the floor when Gpa throws food on the floor.  The dog would have liked the meat and potatoes that he threw on the floor at lunch.  I don’t mind him throwing it after he’s tried to eat it but sometimes he’ll get to scooping it up and dumping it directly on the floor.

It drives me nuts when he does this!  He doesn’t get any nutritional value going from plate to floor!!!!

There is a poodle that I might be able to foster, Gpa and I are going to meet it tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

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