A Cat or a Dog

My daughters have started talking about getting a pet for Gpa.  It started when an elderly cat showed up at the shelter.  Gena thought that would be perfect since I don’t want a pet, I wouldn’t be committing to a long-term thing.  But we were going out-of-town and I wanted to wait til we got back.

Good news, the cat found a home.

Then a co-workers son moved and couldn’t take their cat.  Still before the trip so I said check later. Opps we are back, but Lillie hasn’t checked yet.

She has witnessed how upset I get with Gpa throwing food on the floor.  It is mostly when it goes straight from the plate to the floor.  When that happens, I know he got NO nutrition!!!!

So now she is campaigning for me to get a dog so it can clean the floor for me!  hahaha. Um I think there should be more reason than that to get an animal.  Though the dog would have liked the potato and sausage casserole that found its way to the floor.

Gena has pointed out I could foster the dog…..  There are three at the shelter now that she think might be contenders.  They all get fixed on Monday, so we’ll take a look on Wednesday.  She is going to observe them and help me narrow it down,

I just need to decide if I want to add another member to the household.   I’ll take input until Monday.


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