We All Fall Down

Gpa fell down and got a goose egg.  My biggest fear in relation to Gpa’s health care, is for him to fall and injure himself. (There was one place he lived that he fell and broke bones four out of the 10 months he lived there)  I have to thank God that he fell on his head rather than his hip.  Our family nick name is knot head because we are so hard-headed.  Now we have evidence that this trait goes back generations.

I called the doctor and got the symptoms to watch for as well and the instruction to wake Gpa up hourly to check on him.  I thought it was ironic that I’d be the one to do the waking up.

He always knew how many fingers I was holding up, though a couple of times I could tell he was joking around, so I’d stand still until he gave me the real answer.

He has a terrific bruise now.  I’m glad he wears a cap!

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