A Little Communication Goes a Long Way

Since I don’t remember this, the story goes like this:

Gma and Gpa were watching me while mom was in the hospital having baby brother(which turned out to be baby sister)

In the morning, they asked me what I wanted to eat for breakfast.

A sandwich.







Just jelly?


I got very frustrated and after thinking a while, I blurted out.

Toast, Grandma, Toast!

Had a similar thing happen last night with Gpa.  Only he didn’t get as frustrated.

He had been telling me to leave the light on.  I would and then when I went to bed, I’d turn off the light.  However, the last few nights I was leaving the light on all night.  (Which may be why he’s been getting up hourly)

after  put him to bed, I sat down to finish a movie I had been watching.  I heard him scuffling and went to check on him.  He was against the door on the floor.  He told me he had fallen down and couldn’t get up.  I told him to skootch away from the door and I’d help him.

I squeezed in and did so.

He said he was trying to turn off the light.  I tucked him in and asked him if he wanted the light on or off.  He said, he wanted the light on now and for me to turn the light off when I came in the second time.



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