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1 Day to 100 Years Old

Several things happened while we were out and about. 

One - the traffic was horrible.  So I kept making adjustments on how to get there and back. I'm so glad I know the city well enough to not have to sit in a jam.

Two - The drive through at the bank was broken so we had to go in.  Great, I was hoping I wouldn't have to get him out of the car.  
I have a ton of things to do at the house. People from my old Sunday School are coming over at 11 am to celebrate.  They say they have a surprise but I can't for the life of me guess what it could be.  What do you get a 100 year old with 4 teeth and dementia?  We'll know tomorrow, won't we?

Three - saw a van with polka dots.  There is a story that a woman was wondering if she should make a choice.  She asked God to show her a sign, she picked a truck with polka-dots thinking, won't happen so no worries.
While at the library with her son, he brought her a book and on the back was a truck with polka dots.  At the time I first heard the story, I told a friend who was thinking of quitting her job.  She decided to ask for a polka dotted truck and saw it in a movie she sent to see!

It was fun to see the truck, but I haven't asked God for a sign.  I figure God was just reminding me of the possibilities of our desires.  I smiled and said thank you.   Then I realized that I wouldn't have seen this truck, if I hadn't had to change my route 3 times! (hint to me: enjoy the journey)

Four - I was thinking I might get my water colors out, if I got Gpa to paint with me.  I asked him if he'd like to paint.  He replied, "no."

I asked him what he wanted to do. He said, "Live."

Sounds good to me.

2 Days to 100 years old!

Today Gpa woke up excited for the day.  He told me he was glad to see me.

He even ate two bowls of oatmeal!  Yay!

I worked on the patio and it’s looking really nice.  The vegetables are not growing fast enough, but know that I’m checking on them a couple of times a day.

We went to the library and the grocery store.  He would have spent the rest of the day in the car if I had let him.  It was a beautiful day and we sat in the front yard a bit.

Several times during the day, we made eye contact, really made eye contact and connected.  It was nice, oh and it took him a while in the bathroom.  While I was sitting on his walker waiting for him to finish his business, all I could think of was this is one of the strangest places/time to be in the moment.  But I know that there will be a day when I won’t be hanging out with Gpa in the bathroom and so I’ll charish these moments, too.

and did I tell you? Isobel and Cat nominated me for the versatile blogger award!  How cool is that?  Here’s where to check out Isobel and her cat.


3 Days to 100 years Old!

Today we stayed in, mostly because I’m trying to get ready for Saturday.  I’ve had 88 pavers stacked around the yard like an abandoned Stonehenge waiting to be come a patio.  Since it rained the other day(Thanks God!) and the ground was soft enough to dig up, I’ve been working on this project.

Other things like dishes and filing are on hold.  Which causes my daughter to call me a hobo.  Um, what?

It will get done and how does that make me a hobo?  Though I’ve always thought it might be fun to jump on a freight train.  But being a rule follower, I’ll never do that.  I may sometime buy a random ticket and see where it takes me.

Even though we have stopped the metformin thinking it is the cause of Gpa’s weight loss, he still seems to be just skin and bones.  He has a hard time swallowing even his favorite foods, like pancakes and scrambled eggs.

He does ok with oatmeal and I try to vary what I put in it.  He has indicated he’d like something else to eat.  Or rather throw on the floor.  I HATE throwing food way but I am more frustrated that he’s not getting the food down him.

He loves his protein shake, but it’s like Chinese food for most people (because they don’t eat with chopsticks) he feels hungry 20 min later.  Or is it when he wakes up, he thinks it’s time to eat?

Tomorrow I’ll put sand in the cracks, Friday, I’ll do the rest of the yardwork, and put the food together.  Saturday, before the party, vacuum, sweep/mop and cook the food.


4 Days to 100 years old!

We had a storm last night and I was able to prep the ground for the patio.  While I was working in the yard, I guess Gpa got thirsty as when I came in to check on him, he was practically foaming at the mouth!

What the?!?!?!

Then I saw some dish soap on the floor in the kitchen and what looked to be dish soap on his shirt.

He denied he did anything but said that he was ill and pointed to his throat.  I gave him tea to wash it down.  He’s been constipated so maybe no harm done.

Later we went to the library for me to teach juggling.  It was for people 15 and older, I had 4 students, 10 and under!  hahaha.  Gpa enjoyed watching all the balls flying through the air.  Though he was confused about where he lived when we got done.  When we got home, it took a bit for him to recognize the house, but he let me get him ready for bed.

I told him I loved him and he replied, “Me, you.”

Best way to end a day, I’d have to say.


Beard Update

Not shaving has been great but Gpa was looking Shaggy, so I tried just shaving the easy parts.  Essentially his cheeks.  With the loss of his teeth and the receding of his chin, there are lots of nooks and crannies to shave around his mouth.

When I was done, he had a goatee beard!  Looking good Gpa!

Now it doesn’t take as long to get him ready.  Less chance for shaving nicks and get him in the car for a ride sooner.

Today was picking up our mail that has been on hold.

When I told him we were going for a ride, he said, “Oh, goody!”

He’s not on California time any longer, he went to bed at 5!  May be a long night tonight.

A Day of Rest

First full day home after the trip and we rested.  Oh did we rest.

OK, if you can call laundry and grocery shopping resting.  haha

I think Gpa was still on California time and that was OK.

His eye is still weepy so I got some cold medicine.

I miss John and his family, but it was good to be home!

Dementia Road Trip – Day 7, Flying Home

The  main reason we took this trip was to do a trial run to prepare for Christmas.  Will it be better to fly or drive?

The driving worked out OK.  And now we’ll see how Gpa does with flying.

I contacted the airline and ordered a wheel chair.  Let me tell you everyone who helped us were great.

Gpa napped during the flight and drank a cup of coffee.

Then he tried to tell me something but I couldn’t hardly hear him.  Finally I figured out he was telling me that he likes me and I get the best for him.

Oh, what that does to my heart.

My sister picked us up and she and I got caught up, it was great!

Dementia Road Trip – Day 6

Gpa started getting up at 2 am. Oh brother, another long night/day!

He did do better about not trying to stand up, he had water and his red bottle.

I did lay down in his bed for a while so I could grab him as he tried to get up.

The babies had gone to sleep on the air mattress with me.  Joey woke up and went back to his room.  Sophie woke up and I told her I was on the bed.  She put her arm up and I saw the shadow on the wall.  So I created a bunch of shadow puppets.

The grandbabies don’t like it when I call them babies.  So I asked Gpa what Miss Phie is, he said, “A young lady.”



Dementia Road Trip – Day 5

Gpa got up a lot in the night.  Boy did that wear me out.  He also wandered around and at lunch he let me know that he didn’t know where he was and that he was embarrased that he didn’t know where he was or where he lived.  So much for loosing vocabulary!

He and Rocio looked at a children’s book and he knew all the words.

I had a networking thing that I went to in the evening and I think I made a mistake of getting Gpa up to go to the bathroom one more time before I went to bed.  Gpa got up every hour on the hour.  He kept saying he wanted to get out of here.  He told me he hurt in his chest. I debated on if I should call the doctor.  I decided that because I had fed him some brisket and potatoes, he might have heart burn.

I gave him a tums and his complaint about his chest.  he still wanted to get out of here.

Then he got up and wanted to go to the bathroom. but he tried to sit down before he even got to the bathroom!  If he had been able to do that he would have fallen.  I kept him up and it made him mad. “what is the matter with you?” He demanded.

I had no idea how to explain, so I didn’t.




Demented Road Trip – Day 4

Gpa had a good night’s sleep, I did, too.  He ate 2 pancakes for breakfast.  Miss Phie cried when her dad and mom took Maya to school.  So I picked her up and distracted her.  We were sitting next to Gpa.  He told her she was cute.  She looked at him and whispered, “yeah.”

Gpa laughed and said “Yeah”, too.

I met some friends for lunch and Gpa hung out with Rocio and the kids.  They spent time in the back yard.  It is a big one where the kids can run a lot of energy off.

Gpa had soup for lunch.  Yum!