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Still a Charmer

I have been having lower back pain since Gpa and I got rear ended earlier in the week.  So I went to a Chiropractor.

While being treated, Gpa got up and looked for something familiar.  I couldn’t get up.  So the nurse and office staff followed him around and kept him from going into another patient’s room.  BUT he wouldn’t come into my room.  He said he didn’t know me.  OK I was lying face down, not a normal position for me, so I under stand his confusion.

They asked if he could have some chocolate.  I said he’d love that.  I have no idea how many pieces he was able to get but everyone in the office loved him before we left.

I was glad he decided to go home with me!

I’m glad he still has touch.

That is Not Necessary






“I’ll get you a box of chocolates if you give me a cookie.”

“I’m starving.”

“I need a cookie, I haven’t eaten in a week.”


These are the things Gpa will tell me to  get a cookie.

It is good that his appetite is increasing, but what a challenge to keep him full.

We’ve been very lucky in the bathroom.  Not too many messes.  I was reminded when we went and his depends were full, some fell on the floor and as I was having him sit down, some on the seat.  So I started yelling to not sit down.

After I got that cleaned up and had him sitting.  I squatted to clean up the mess on the floor and he moved his foot into the mess.  I yelled to stop, stop, stop.

He looked at me and said, “What is wrong with you?  All this is not necessary.”

I wish it weren’t.  He doesn’t hear well and now he’s having a harder time comprehending what I am saying.

So even after eating a cookie, he will tell me he hasn’t, or he’ll be sitting in wet pants and not be able to tell me.  I am so glad we have this extra time together because of his moments of clarity are precious.

Hope you are having a great day!


Fruitilicious and Sponge Bob Memory Game

Gpa and I went to Gena’s to juggle and learned a new card game.  Gpa enjoys watching the juggling but was ready to get back in the car when we started playing cards.

So we all loaded in the car and went to Fruitilicious.  This is a local bubble tea place that has games.  I bring Gpa his protein shake because I don’t want him having too much sugar.

We played a couple of rounds of MadGab and then grabbed the Sponge Bob memory game, thinking that Gpa would enjoy playing as well.

He did turn a couple of tiles over but then spent time lining up the tiles.  It was good to see him focused on something.  But Gena is the one that won the game.  She is very good at it.

We had a great time and then Gpa ate 2 turkey salad sandwiches for dinner!

How was your Monday after Thanksgiving?

Decorating for the Holidays

We had a quiet morning, though Gpa was hungry starting at 4am.  I gave up and gave him oatmeal then and again at 8am.

My mom used to always decorate during the Thanksgiving weekend.  She’d decorate the whole house.  With all the cooking I did, I almost forgot to get the decorations down.

I needed to get the stockings down so we can bring them to my son’s house. I decorated the little green tree.  Not much but it was a start.  And it did put me in more of a holiday mood.

Later, Lillie decorated for the holidays and had Gpa help. She asked him where he wanted he ornaments on white tree. Then she pulled out the creche and put it on the mantel.  I may get some tea cup hooks for the stockings so we can hang them on the mantel.


Christmas decorationsSunday Afternoon Fun

Breakfast by Moonlight

Our electricity went out last night.  The storm really didn’t seem that bad so I was surprised.  But Gpa on the other hand was mad that the lights were out.  He yelled,”Turn on the lights!” and wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I couldn’t.

Finally I opened his curtains so he’d get some light from outside.

I went out front and saw the hole block was out.

Gpa woke up at 5am and wanted breakfast.  So I opened all the blinds and thought about what we could have without opening the fridge or freezer.  I didn’t want to let any of the cold air out since I didn’t know how long we would be without power.

I still had coffee in the pot so I drank that cold.  I fixed powdered milk and make Gpa cold cereal and gave him a protein drink.   I ate a piece of strawberry / blueberry pie that Lillie had made for Thanksgiving.

I was Very thankful when the lights came on at 9:30 am.

Gpa just looked at me as I cheered.

It was a fun adventure, the house was quiet enough that I could hear it rain.

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!


Black Friday Plans

I thought it would be clever to take Gpa to a Black Friday Sale when he woke up in the middle of the night.

Well the first time he woke up at 10:30, too early for the sale I wanted.

At 12:30, he woke up and had a bloody nose.  He couldn’t tell me if it was from running into the door or picking his nose.  Got him cleaned up and back to bed.

I then got on the computer because Lillie was out and wanted to know what was on people’s lists.  I looked up the reviews and didn’t like what I saw.  I am so glad I didn’t get out with Gpa.

What did you do for Black Friday?

Cowboys and Aliens

After we ate our Thanksgiving dinner, Lillie and I took Gpa to see a movie.

Most times he’ll sleep through the movie. But several times we noticed that he sat up and watched what was going on.

I told Lillie he always did like Louis L’amour.  I’m not sure what he thought about the aliens roaming the countryside.

At one point he got tired and told me that he was ready to leave, “I have work that needs to be done.”

Afterwards we got Starbucks and drove around the lake.  A few houses had lights up. Lillie and I had a great visit.

This has been a great Thanksgiving.

Hungry or Bored

Sometimes when a child says they are hungry, they are really bored and if you give them something engaging to do, they’ll stop begging for a snack.

I did that today with Gpa.  He’s been getting quite a bit to eat at meal time and a snack at 10 and 2 that at other times I don’t really believe him when he says he’s starving to death.

Today I gave him a picture book from the library and he spent a good deal of time looking at the pictures.  So I’ve looked up topics he has liked in the past and requested picture books that the library has.

It isn’t good to keep stuffing someone with food when all they need is something to occupy their mind.

We had a great day and he’s gone to bed happy.

Tomorrow we’ll have lots for him to eat, the typical Thanksgiving dinner!

I hope you and your family have a great holiday!

After the Storm

Pumpkin blossomLast night we had a rain storm.  At least one activity in the area got canceled due to the weather.  I don’t know if because we had so little rain this summer if people just don’t know how to react but it didn’t seem that bad when we were driving home from the movies last night.

The storm continued throughout the night and we even had some thunder. I don’t know if any of that woke Gpa up but he did get up several times.

I get up when I hear him stirring, I’ll stay quiet on the sofa to see what he is doing.  I am up to make sure he doesn’t fall or get into the fridge in the kitchen.  Sometimes I’ll give him a cookie, a drink or take him to the bathroom.

I watched him enter a dark room.  Look for the light switch on the wrong wall, step back into the hall, turn on that light and then step into the dark room and find the light switch.

In his wanderings last night he even made it to the front door.  The other day he was able to figure out both the dead bolt and regular lock.  So I have a child proof cover on the door handle.  So far he gives up when the cover spins.  Whew!

I figure it’s only a matter of time before he decides to tackle that problem.  Then I’ll have to come up with something else.

Last night, he did notice that I was following him.  He said something.  Tried a couple more times to check out the kitchen, then he went back to his room!  He shut the door in my face.  Good for him.

Since it was 5:55 am, I went back to bed.

When we got up.  This pumpkin blossom was blooming in the garden!

Today is going to be a great day.  I hope yours is as well.

Great Day Shopping

Lillie and I took Gpa shopping.  We got lots of Christmas items taken care of, oh and her birthday gift as well.  The shops we went to were pretty easy to get him in and out.  The aisles were wide for the walker.  so much fun.

Then we went to see The Help.  Lillie had seen it but Gpa and had not.  Very good movie.

During the movie Gpa told me that he was ready to go since he had work to do.  He also told me that he was ready for a ride.

It was raining we got out to the movie so we fed him warm food for dinner to finish up the night.

I hope you had a great day!