7 Things You Can Do – Gpa did 6 of them

Gpa had a great report from the doctor.  He’s gained 11 pounds and this is good news.  The doctor talked about the attributes that prolong dementia.

They are:

1. dancing, any type.  Gpa and Gma have danced ball-room, square and who knows what else.  In fact Gpa taught me ball-room dancing in their kitchen when I was 16.  We almost went out to the Elks club but Gma thought I wouldn’t be able to get in, agewise.  (darn it)

2. common sense, such as , no jumping out of airplanes! Funny I never associated risky activities as the opposite of common sense.  I’ve thought of them as thrill seeking activities.  I think of common sense as sayings from Benjamin Franklin, you know, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise.” (you know Ben played with electricity)

3. social activities, church and or clubs.  check and check.

4. no smoking. check, though one time Gpa tried to make nicotine gum for my mom and he tested it on himself.  (He got dizzy, you aren’t supposed to swallow chewing tobacco juice!)

5. one serving of alcohol a day.  Well, if Gpa ever drank, I never saw it.  Though last night he asked for whiskey!

6. regular  exercise – Gpa read Kenneth Cooper’s book on aerobics and started running 10k’s.  He was in his 60’s when he did this.

7. Healthy eating – he was from good Kansas stock and Gma was a superb cook!  I can’t say I cook as well as she did, but I do like to cook and put a well-balanced meal together.

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