Learning Something New Every Day

I have heard that learning something new every day, keeps you young.  I’m cool with that cause I love to learn. I also love to read.  So they go hand in hand.  Some times the new thing is unexpected.

Like what I learned at the doctor’s office yesterday,  I learned I could get a urine sample from Gpa as well as that sometimes bruises continue to bleed.  His has been doing so for 4 days.  The other thing I learned is there is 2 areas in the head/face so the bruise only went down to where the other area started.

He has quite a black eye now.  The bruise where he first bumped his head has done what I have seen in the past with bruises on arms and legs.  They turn purple and then a really sickly yellow and fading.

The part that is around his eye is still bright purple, I am watching it to see how long it takes to fade.

What new thing have you learned lately?



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