A Good Night’s Sleep

It is amazing how a good night’s sleep changes the mood in the house.

The cook chatted up Gpa as she prepared breakfast.  he was enthusiastic about everything she prepared.

The maid happily started laundry. The clothes that met an unhappy fate in the bathroom last night, sat forlorn in the basket, neglected.  I mean really who wants to touch that shit?!?

She sprayed and pre-soaked the items in question and then ran the heavy duty wash cycle.

I’ve been making juggling bean bag prototypes for class next week.  The orange slice one that should have been round looks more like a hot air balloon.  I put on the circus cd and entertained for Gpa as I tested the oval orb.

I came up with some ideas to teach the kids.  What to do to make dropping the bean bag fun.

Now if I can just get Gpa to sleep through the night more often!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

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