Two Trips Today

I’m hoping Gpa will sleep well tonight.  We drove to Sonic’s for lunch and brought it back.  He was so happy to be in the car, he thanked me several times.

My sister had come over to help me make bean bags for class.  She sewed some proto types I had cut out to determine which would be the easiest to do.  Then she cut out enough pieces to make 24 bean bags.  She works for food.  She also ROCKS!  We tried the Swiss cheese, mushroom toast sandwich.  It was good, though greasy.  Can’t do that often but once in a while is OK.

Later, Gpa and I drove to see Gena,  she too said she’d help with the bean bags and so we loaded up and headed to her house.

Again, Gpa was excited to be in the car.  However once in the house, and after a piece of cake, he was ready to go.  Gave him his protein shake early so he’d have something to occupy him while we worked.  I turned the bags inside out and Gena stuffed them.  Once I was done turning the bags, I started sewing the fill hole, I got 4 done before we called it quits.

Gpa had fun watching the cats play.

When we got home, I fixed him peaches and oatmeal.  He was eating very fast and I told him to slow down and enjoy. He replied that he was eating fast because he was hungry.  But he did slow down.

It’s been a good day.  We got lots of Thanksgiving weekend plans made. I hope it was a good day for you and you have your Thanksgiving plans ready for execution.

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