Breakfast by Moonlight

Our electricity went out last night.  The storm really didn’t seem that bad so I was surprised.  But Gpa on the other hand was mad that the lights were out.  He yelled,”Turn on the lights!” and wouldn’t listen to me when I told him I couldn’t.

Finally I opened his curtains so he’d get some light from outside.

I went out front and saw the hole block was out.

Gpa woke up at 5am and wanted breakfast.  So I opened all the blinds and thought about what we could have without opening the fridge or freezer.  I didn’t want to let any of the cold air out since I didn’t know how long we would be without power.

I still had coffee in the pot so I drank that cold.  I fixed powdered milk and make Gpa cold cereal and gave him a protein drink.   I ate a piece of strawberry / blueberry pie that Lillie had made for Thanksgiving.

I was Very thankful when the lights came on at 9:30 am.

Gpa just looked at me as I cheered.

It was a fun adventure, the house was quiet enough that I could hear it rain.

I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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