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A Saint

Most people think it’s a great thing I am doing, taking care of Gpa.  I’m doing it because I love him and it needs to be done.

One of my friends called me a saint the other day.  I don’t feel saint like.

It’s 2 am and Gpa just woke me up.  This isn’t unusual as he normally needs to get up in the night to be changed.

Tonight, he tried to take care of himself.  He was on the floor and had taken off his shirt, his pants and depends were around his knees.  The sheet tangled all around him.

Fortunately he was only wet, or it would have been a bigger mess.  One that would have sent me over the edge.  Where I’ve been a lot lately.

I don’t know if this is his last Christmas or not.  One would think so but his oldest sister lived to 105. So we might have more to come.  I keep asking God but he won’t tell me.  I think if I knew how much longer, I could better plan his care.  Like do we have time to go to China?  He said once he’d have liked to see the great wall of China.

I am tired and frustrated and wonder if Mother Theresa ever said, “Oh, Shit!”  If not, then I am not saint material.

On the plus side, it has been a blessing to be in California with the Grandbabies.  (Yes, I’m still calling them babies though at 2,4, and 6, they tell me they are not babies any longer)

I like the way babies rolls of the tongue. I’m not ready to call them kids(how they see themselves) and children sounds so stiff and formal.

I love seeing Miss Phie and Gpa waving at each other. This year the house is full of people from 2 to 100.

I do hope you and your family is finding the holiday season one to celebrate.  I know things will look a lot different in the morning.  I saw that Santa had come when I rushed by the tree to get Gpa a new pair of depends


Bunk bed challenge

Amazing tonight no bumps.  Gpa’s fall out of bed doesn’t count, he’s not in a bunk bed.

Bragging Rights

Gpa ate 2 bowls of oatmeal, a piece of homemade bread, 3 little cups of coffee and one of the babies left over lucky charms.

Gpa and I met my friends in San Juan Capistrano and ate by the water.  It was a lovely visit and the view kept us all interested.

The food was very good. Gpa ate his portion of the calamari and finished all his fries and tilapia.  The tartar sauce was the big hit of the day.  He dipped everything in it and when there was still some left, He got his spoon and ate it too. After the breakfast he had, I was surprised that he ate so well.

Charles and Connie were so glad that I brought Gpa and enjoyed watching him have such a good appetite.  They were the ones to tell people that Gpa is 100.  The waitress first and then a patron that sat behind Gpa and me.

Maybe I should offer people the opportunity to meet and greet Gpa.  I’ll think about it.

We talked about seeing the mission after lunch.  However, it was already 3pm, Gpa needed to be changed and even though I had a depends, I didn’t have any wipes. We decided we would save that for another time.  Charles did have me follow him to the highway and he pointed out the mission as we passed it.

I didn’t hit ‘route to’ on the way home and the gps kept telling me to get off the freeway.  So I pulled over in Irvine and asked John what the problem was.  Oh…

When we got to John’s, Gpa didn’t want to get out of the car.  He said he’d wait for the driver to take him home.  It took 4 of us trying different tactics to finally get him out of the car.  I was surprised that dinner and cookie didn’t do it.  Well maybe not after all the food he had during the day.

He kept telling me to shut the car door, that he would sit here until time to go home.  Um, Gpa, that’s next Thursday.  I don’t think that is going to work.

We got him in and cleaned up.  Then he said he wanted to go to bed.  That didn’t last too long before we was up looking for something to eat!

Oh I hope we don’t have a long night of up and down.

Bed Bunk Challenge

2 – hand

1 – Joey, though he bonked the wall so I’m not sure this one counts

Everybody’s Gpa

I spent most of the day watching 2 kids and Gpa while Rocio and John when Christmas shopping. This gave me a chance to doctor my cold and rest.

I did make plans to meet friends for lunch on Friday.  I figure I’ll be feeling well enough.  They live in San Diego so we meet half way. They said to bring Gpa if I want.  I think they want to meet him. Many people who have heard me talk about Gpa want to meet him, and when they do, they wish they had met him sooner.

Rocio told me her brother is quite taken with Gpa he hasn’t ever had a grandpa,  They now have a secret handshake.

It surprises me sometimes how people respond to Gpa, but I shouldn’t be.  I know he’s special.  I just hadn’t thought that others would want to participate as much as they do.

OK, OK, I’ll share.

Bed bunk challenge:

2 back

Bubble Tea and Laundry

I woke up feeling poorly but had things that needed to be done.

So got something hot for my throat and fed and changed Gpa.

Then Rocio and I gathered laundry.  Wow it was a lot.

I found a bubble tea place near the laundry mat.  Rocio had never had bubble tea.  John has and doesn’t like it.

I treated Rocio to a bubble tea, she got a coconut frappe and I got a green tea frappe, both with bubbles.  (because that’s the point)

She liked it, so did Sophie.  Maya wanted Gatorade and wouldn’t try it.  Maybe she will another time.

While the laundry was doing it’s thing, Rocio and I read the rent ads in Spanish. I had to ask her what a lot of the words meant.

I went to bed when we got home so I could be well for Christmas.  Rocio said, “No sick people for Christmas.”  She is remembering last year when we took turns being ill.

We found out that Gpa threw a banana at John.  Oh, Gpa!

Bunk bed challenge:

1 back

A Good day and a Bad day

We walked to the park with Rocio and the kids.  Gpa did a good job walking all the way.

The babies had new balls and we planned to kick them around.  There was also a statue of a turtle so there was tickling as well.

Can you see my loved ones under the Turtle?









Sophie wanted to swing which was on the other side of the park.  I took her and we swung for quite a while before everyone else came and swung to.

Then had a nice lunch when we walked back.

Later Rocio watched Gpa and I went to a taping of a show with a friend.  He had been in a student film and this was one way they raised money.

Had lots of fun and learned a lot.  I even won a t-shirt.

When I got home, I learned that Gpa had thrown food on the floor!  Oh no!  I hope the babysitter doesn’t quit!

Bunk Bed Challenge:

1 hand

Gena goes home

Gena had to get back to work so she left today.  Rocio watched Gpa so I could go and tell Gena goodbye.

John drove and Maya came with us.

I am going to miss her and watching her interact with Gpa and the babies.  I am so glad she came and last night when Gpa got up at 3am, she sat up and kept him in his bed until 5.  She did it with no muss and no fuss.

I can learn a thing or two from her.

Bunkbed challenge

1 knee

1 back

(you’d think I’d be getting the hang of this by now!)

Lillie’s Birthday

Gpa got up around 5am and we called to wish Lillie a happy birthday.  I’ve been calling the kids early so she wasn’t surprised.  I think if I missed a year, she’d miss it.

Everyone else called and talked to her at a more reasonable hour.

Our stocking goodies kept us busy all morning.

In the afternoon we piled in the car and went to Pretend City.

The kids had a blast checking everything out.  They even got to hold a chick.  Gpa didn’t want to, he had raised chickens when he was young.

Gpa and I had fun watching all the action.  He even tried on a fireman’s hat.  I think he’d make a good fireman.











Bunk bed challenge:

1 hand

1 walk into the bunk bed in the dark (we had moved the night-light, not a good idea!)

Rough Start

Gpa woke up at 2:30 so we went to the bathroom.

He got up at 3:30 saying he had a doctor’s appointment and they’d kill him if he didn’t get there on time.  (I think if the doctor would kill you for being late, you should get another doctor.)

We got up and sat for a while, until I thought to tell him, they would come get him.

I said that a couple of times until 5:30 when he got very insistent and loud.  So I got him up and fed him breakfast.

Gpa got a wood kit with a plane, race car, bird house and feeder to put together and paint.  We had the babies help us put them together.

Gpa’s favorite was the red barn. (bird feeder)

Joey painted the car blue, Maya painted the plane purple, later Tio painted the cockpit red.  I’m not sure if Maya was ok with that or not

Over all it was a great day!

Bunk Bed Challenge.

2 hand

2 back.

Preparing and Celebrating Early

Today we open stocking as well as give and get our presents from Gena.  She’s flying back home on Monday.

While Maya was at school, we played a lot of bommerman and Mario Party.  We also got to walk around the block. Everyone was impressed with the change in Gpa.  In Oct, we had to push him everywhere, he ate only oatmeal and protein shakes.

This trip he walked around the block, Well, walking everywhere actually, is eating what we do and even interacting with others.

We didn’t open the stockings until after 8pm so Gpa was ready for bed.  He got his stocking early, ate a sugar free caramel, and left before all the stockings were opened.  The rest of us spent time enjoying our spoils.

When we went to bed, I got Gpa up to go to the bathroom to see if we could have a dry night.  He thought it was time for breakfast!

I am so glad we decided to come.

BunkBed Challenge.

Hand  – 1

Like Great-Great Grandpa

I didn’t pack essential disposables for Gpa as I didn’t want to take up room in the suitcase.  So after we ate, we went to the store.

I think it’s interesting that the Depends now come in grey.  Why? Is it supposed to be sexy?  Thank you Baby Boomers for making Gpa look his best!

I wonder what other geriatric changes the Baby Boomers will be making in the next few years.  I’d like the sippy cups to not be so bright.

Though Gpa likes red so I don’t think he minds.


I got Gpa a cracker and asked Miss Phie if she wanted a cracker.  She held up one finger and said, “one.”  Just like Gpa!  They are going to get along just fine….

Bunkbed Challenge for today.

Head bump – 1

Back scrape – 1