Taking Care of Family

While waiting to see the doctor, I talked to the nurse about Gpa.  He’d made such an impression on the whole office but especially the nurse.

She shared some of the concerns with the elderly in her family.  Her brother had been caring for a parent but it was becoming unmanageable.  He said he was going to have to look into a nursing home.  He was worried that the other siblings wouldn’t like the thought of the parent in a home.

I said, “It is taking care of a loved one.  Dropping them off on the side of the road is not.”

Gpa has been in a home, several different kinds and he’s been home.  In the last three years, where every he has lived, it was with the thought of what is best for him.

Don’t let anyone make you second guess a decision you and your family makes.  Life is not a one stop shop with only on solution fitting all situations.

Have a great weekend!

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