Rough Start

Gpa woke up at 2:30 so we went to the bathroom.

He got up at 3:30 saying he had a doctor’s appointment and they’d kill him if he didn’t get there on time.  (I think if the doctor would kill you for being late, you should get another doctor.)

We got up and sat for a while, until I thought to tell him, they would come get him.

I said that a couple of times until 5:30 when he got very insistent and loud.  So I got him up and fed him breakfast.

Gpa got a wood kit with a plane, race car, bird house and feeder to put together and paint.  We had the babies help us put them together.

Gpa’s favorite was the red barn. (bird feeder)

Joey painted the car blue, Maya painted the plane purple, later Tio painted the cockpit red.  I’m not sure if Maya was ok with that or not

Over all it was a great day!

Bunk Bed Challenge.

2 hand

2 back.

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