Lillie’s Birthday

Gpa got up around 5am and we called to wish Lillie a happy birthday.  I’ve been calling the kids early so she wasn’t surprised.  I think if I missed a year, she’d miss it.

Everyone else called and talked to her at a more reasonable hour.

Our stocking goodies kept us busy all morning.

In the afternoon we piled in the car and went to Pretend City.

The kids had a blast checking everything out.  They even got to hold a chick.  Gpa didn’t want to, he had raised chickens when he was young.

Gpa and I had fun watching all the action.  He even tried on a fireman’s hat.  I think he’d make a good fireman.











Bunk bed challenge:

1 hand

1 walk into the bunk bed in the dark (we had moved the night-light, not a good idea!)

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