Bubble Tea and Laundry

I woke up feeling poorly but had things that needed to be done.

So got something hot for my throat and fed and changed Gpa.

Then Rocio and I gathered laundry.  Wow it was a lot.

I found a bubble tea place near the laundry mat.  Rocio had never had bubble tea.  John has and doesn’t like it.

I treated Rocio to a bubble tea, she got a coconut frappe and I got a green tea frappe, both with bubbles.  (because that’s the point)

She liked it, so did Sophie.  Maya wanted Gatorade and wouldn’t try it.  Maybe she will another time.

While the laundry was doing it’s thing, Rocio and I read the rent ads in Spanish. I had to ask her what a lot of the words meant.

I went to bed when we got home so I could be well for Christmas.  Rocio said, “No sick people for Christmas.”  She is remembering last year when we took turns being ill.

We found out that Gpa threw a banana at John.  Oh, Gpa!

Bunk bed challenge:

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