Everybody’s Gpa

I spent most of the day watching 2 kids and Gpa while Rocio and John when Christmas shopping. This gave me a chance to doctor my cold and rest.

I did make plans to meet friends for lunch on Friday.  I figure I’ll be feeling well enough.  They live in San Diego so we meet half way. They said to bring Gpa if I want.  I think they want to meet him. Many people who have heard me talk about Gpa want to meet him, and when they do, they wish they had met him sooner.

Rocio told me her brother is quite taken with Gpa he hasn’t ever had a grandpa,  They now have a secret handshake.

It surprises me sometimes how people respond to Gpa, but I shouldn’t be.  I know he’s special.  I just hadn’t thought that others would want to participate as much as they do.

OK, OK, I’ll share.

Bed bunk challenge:

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