Bragging Rights

Gpa ate 2 bowls of oatmeal, a piece of homemade bread, 3 little cups of coffee and one of the babies left over lucky charms.

Gpa and I met my friends in San Juan Capistrano and ate by the water.  It was a lovely visit and the view kept us all interested.

The food was very good. Gpa ate his portion of the calamari and finished all his fries and tilapia.  The tartar sauce was the big hit of the day.  He dipped everything in it and when there was still some left, He got his spoon and ate it too. After the breakfast he had, I was surprised that he ate so well.

Charles and Connie were so glad that I brought Gpa and enjoyed watching him have such a good appetite.  They were the ones to tell people that Gpa is 100.  The waitress first and then a patron that sat behind Gpa and me.

Maybe I should offer people the opportunity to meet and greet Gpa.  I’ll think about it.

We talked about seeing the mission after lunch.  However, it was already 3pm, Gpa needed to be changed and even though I had a depends, I didn’t have any wipes. We decided we would save that for another time.  Charles did have me follow him to the highway and he pointed out the mission as we passed it.

I didn’t hit ‘route to’ on the way home and the gps kept telling me to get off the freeway.  So I pulled over in Irvine and asked John what the problem was.  Oh…

When we got to John’s, Gpa didn’t want to get out of the car.  He said he’d wait for the driver to take him home.  It took 4 of us trying different tactics to finally get him out of the car.  I was surprised that dinner and cookie didn’t do it.  Well maybe not after all the food he had during the day.

He kept telling me to shut the car door, that he would sit here until time to go home.  Um, Gpa, that’s next Thursday.  I don’t think that is going to work.

We got him in and cleaned up.  Then he said he wanted to go to bed.  That didn’t last too long before we was up looking for something to eat!

Oh I hope we don’t have a long night of up and down.

Bed Bunk Challenge

2 – hand

1 – Joey, though he bonked the wall so I’m not sure this one counts

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