A Saint

Most people think it’s a great thing I am doing, taking care of Gpa.  I’m doing it because I love him and it needs to be done.

One of my friends called me a saint the other day.  I don’t feel saint like.

It’s 2 am and Gpa just woke me up.  This isn’t unusual as he normally needs to get up in the night to be changed.

Tonight, he tried to take care of himself.  He was on the floor and had taken off his shirt, his pants and depends were around his knees.  The sheet tangled all around him.

Fortunately he was only wet, or it would have been a bigger mess.  One that would have sent me over the edge.  Where I’ve been a lot lately.

I don’t know if this is his last Christmas or not.  One would think so but his oldest sister lived to 105. So we might have more to come.  I keep asking God but he won’t tell me.  I think if I knew how much longer, I could better plan his care.  Like do we have time to go to China?  He said once he’d have liked to see the great wall of China.

I am tired and frustrated and wonder if Mother Theresa ever said, “Oh, Shit!”  If not, then I am not saint material.

On the plus side, it has been a blessing to be in California with the Grandbabies.  (Yes, I’m still calling them babies though at 2,4, and 6, they tell me they are not babies any longer)

I like the way babies rolls of the tongue. I’m not ready to call them kids(how they see themselves) and children sounds so stiff and formal.

I love seeing Miss Phie and Gpa waving at each other. This year the house is full of people from 2 to 100.

I do hope you and your family is finding the holiday season one to celebrate.  I know things will look a lot different in the morning.  I saw that Santa had come when I rushed by the tree to get Gpa a new pair of depends


Bunk bed challenge

Amazing tonight no bumps.  Gpa’s fall out of bed doesn’t count, he’s not in a bunk bed.

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