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During the Depression

I was scraping the last bit of peanut butter I thought about what Grandma told me about the depression.

Gpa made $190 a year teaching and that only for the nine months he taught.  So in the summer he drove a taxi.  This was before he took the civil servants test and became a weatherman for the government.

Grandma loved to sew and she was very good at it.  Our clothes were fitted and lined.  She taught me how to sew and  I will always regret that I didn’t get her to teach me about altering patterns.

She told me during the depression, money was so tight, she even sewed underwear for her, Gpa and mom.  All I could think is that, my family would be very unfortunate if I had to make their underwear.

Once when mom was in high school, she and grandma were remaking / updating her dresses.  There were dresses everywhere.

Um, Gpa got in trouble when he made a comment on the number of clothes he saw.  I guess he thought they had gone on a shopping spree.



Projects, Success and Fail

Today, I set out to do two projects I’ve been wanting to do.

The first was put up a curtain rod and hang some shears in the den.  I’ve done this before so even though there are many steps. I was able to get it done and am very happy with the results.

The other project was to create a rain barrel.  I have never done this.  I had to get a spout for the hose to get water out when needed, some down spout because I didn’t want to cut up the one I had and some screening to keep the mosquito’s out.  

When Gpa and I got to the store we found out the gutter supplies were in the opposite corner of the store.  Gpa is such a trooper and walked the whole way.   I have to grab his walker so that he doesn’t run over me if I pause to stop and look at something.

Um. I got a flexible down spout and I can’t get it to stay in place.  I did get the spout in but had to use two different drill bits.  At first the knob hit the barrel so I turned it sideways. 

Going to do some more research for the project.  

Can’t have bits and pieces all over now can we?


Petting the Pooches

Sometimes Gpa says he doesn’t like dogs and sometimes he says, “Oh, yes!”, when asked if he likes dogs.

Well, we have three in the house now and he likes them just fine.  See the pictures.  The dogs love meal time for the goodies they find from Gpa.

I’m glad they get along as well as they do.

Right now the dogs are sprawled throughout the house and Gpa is blowing me kisses and tweaking his nose at me.

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Missie and Gpa

Cagney and Gpa

Watching for Ice on a Sunny Day

Gpa and I took Gena to the DART station this morning.  Her boyfriend is picking her up from work.  So we went round- a – bout and picked up some things I’ve been meaning to get.

I hate that I haven’t gotten my rain barrell set up yet.  We’ve had 4 inches of rain this week.  So now I have a spigot, but don’t have the tool to take the rain spout apart.  

So we went to drop off shredding and get a curtain rod.  As we were driving over a bridge, Gpa told me to watch out for ice. 


“The sign back there said watch for ice.  Be careful.”  

Then he smiled.  


I reassured him that I would be very careful.



We were gone for several hours.  As soon as we got back, he told me he didn’t have anything to do and was ready to go on my errands with me.

Poor guy!  He missed the trip.

I hope you are having a great day!

We are Lela and Sandra

Waking with good guess

and those were happier days,

Mother and Daughter

Did I Meet You in Kansas City?

Gpa startled from his nap when I put a warm blanket on him.

“Did  I meet you in Kansas City?”

I told him, “Yes.”

Who knows what he was dreaming about.  Surely, younger days.

He interacts better with the dogs.

He’ll wave and whistle to them.

With me, he bangs his coffee cup. And if I’m lucky, he’ll say, “Empty.”

However, in the early morning when I give him breakfast, he happily promise me a box of chocolates.

Bethie Plays Piano for George

One of the memories that Gpa has told me about numerous times is that his oldest sister, Beth would play the piano to entertain him when he was a young boy.

His fondest piano playing memory is that she would take paper and place it between the hammers and the strings and show him how the sound would be different.

I’m thinking this may have been the beginning of his scientific mind, searching for cause and effect.

There have been many times when he’d show me and my sister or my kids when we were all younger ‘what happens when’

And even now, his scientific mind is searching out answers.  (and I’m glad of that) He has been stringing a rubber band across his walker and then hanging his coffee cup off it.  Even when there is still coffee in it!

Hope you had a great day!

Changing of the Guard

Lillie moved out.  Found a dog for us.  Not sure if it is to remind us of her, or to be a replacement.

Gena moved in.  She brought her dogs.  All three get along well enough.  Still determining rank.

John’s boxes in the attic.

And the garage is now Gena’s den.

Short bookcase in kitchen now helps Gpa stand up.

Yay, my cookbooks can stand as well.

Little things make a difference.


Where’s Lillie?

That is what the dog has been saying all day.

Well, except for right now. He’s asleep.

He and Gpa are becoming pals.  You should see how Gpa lights up when he sees the dog.  Sometimes.  Other times, he’s not sure about the dog.

As he sits on my lap and I pet him, he looks to the front door.  No Lillie.

As he runs around the back yard, he pauses when he hears a car.  No Lillie.

When Gpa and I came back from errands, the dog was so happy.  Even though we didn’t bring Lillie.

How do you explain to a dog that Lillie has gone to California to get set up and will be back for him?

That’s if I let him go when she is ready.

Oh and now how do I tell him that the other daughter and her dogs are moving in for a while.

This poor guy has gone from NO attention to all kinds of attention all over!

And Gena has nail clippers.  His nails are way to long!  That is happening tomorrow.

But maybe the communication isn’t supposed to be me letting the dog know what the plan is, I think it is the dog teaching me that right now is what matters most.

Have a great day.  I’m going to go hang out in the back yard with the dog.



While He Eats

I’m learning to get things done while Gpa is eating, otherwise, he’ll think he’s hungry and go shopping in the kitchen.

So today at lunch, I did a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  I started it while I was making lunch and as soon I gave him lunch, I ran to the shower and washed my hair.

Gpa was asking for coffee as I fixed my lunch so I gave him a cup.

and as we sat there, the rubberband on his walker went off.  This is a cautionary story on having loaded weapons in the house.  You just never know where and when they’ll go off.

I do remember that he once approached a hospital with making pea shooters for patients.  You know give them something to do to pass the time.  He would be happy to make them.  This idea, the hospital passed on, however,  they were happy to accept and distribute the wooden cars he made.

I’m do proud of him!