Lunch and a Show.

I woke up horse so I  called the dentist and canceled the appointment.  I’ll call later and make an appointment when I feel better and have a babysitter.  I just can’t see Gpa roaming around the dentist office.  There is too much going on there.

I remembered at lunch that I had thawed out some hamburger and it needed to be cooked.

So I made some hamburger patties and grilled them on my new grill skillet.  Add a little soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, Yum.

Slice some tomatoes and avocado and make cheese toast. and you have a colorful meal.

Oh and while I cooked, I sang and danced.  Gpa enjoyed.  It was great to see him smile.  I wasn’t sure we’d have anymore happy times. Maybe there is hope.  We’ll see.

I cut up Gpa’s food into bite size pieces.  He got some great unbreakable plates for Christmas.  I put my tomato slices on my cheese toast topped with home-grown herbs. Wish you were here, we’d have had great conversation with this simple and flavorful fare.

Gpa's lunchMy LunchMy Lunch

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  • Kelly  On January 6, 2012 at 8:44 pm

    Yum!! It looks delicious!!

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