Update on the Bag

Um,  he seems to have forgotten that he asked for a bag.  I found a burgundy clutch in the closet.  I asked him if he liked it.  No.

Later, I grabbed a black purse out of the closet and again, he told me no.

I think what he’s really missing is the compartment in the red walker.  He usually only has it when we are out and about.  But while we were in California, he had it 24×7.  He put all types of things in the walker.

1- evil guy pig from Toy Story

ALL the Jenga blocks

1 Zuzu pet

1 coffee cup

several plates

numerous pieces of silverware

1 Christmas ornament

And when I hear the top slam when we are out I know to check.  For I don’t want to get in trouble for shoplifting!

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