A Day of Signs

The day started with Gpa peeing on the floor in the kitchen.  Before I could get too upset, I realized I didn’t want to wake up Lillie.  And that all I had to do was throw a towel down to clean up the mess.  I am SO glad that is all he was doing.  That I was able to be calm about it is a good sign.

I am aware that it seems that Gpa is having a harder time swallowing.  So far it’s mostly liquids like water and his coffee. I’m watching to see if its other things like his sandwich or his soup.  I don’t think this is a good sign.

He ate a good lunch and morning snack.  A good sign.

He wasn’t too interested in dinner, sign, not so good.

But then at juggling class, he threw a ball back and forth with me and then later grabbed a ring and put it under his leg.  We’ll make a juggler out of him yet.

I’ve now gotten him ready for bed, but he’s not ready to go to bed. 

Lillie has a little dog she wants us to meet.  So I guess we’ll stay up until they get here.  If the visit goes well, Gpa and I may foster him until Lillie gets into a situation where she can have him.

Cross your fingers!


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