While He Eats

I’m learning to get things done while Gpa is eating, otherwise, he’ll think he’s hungry and go shopping in the kitchen.

So today at lunch, I did a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  I started it while I was making lunch and as soon I gave him lunch, I ran to the shower and washed my hair.

Gpa was asking for coffee as I fixed my lunch so I gave him a cup.

and as we sat there, the rubberband on his walker went off.  This is a cautionary story on having loaded weapons in the house.  You just never know where and when they’ll go off.

I do remember that he once approached a hospital with making pea shooters for patients.  You know give them something to do to pass the time.  He would be happy to make them.  This idea, the hospital passed on, however,  they were happy to accept and distribute the wooden cars he made.

I’m do proud of him!

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