Where’s Lillie?

That is what the dog has been saying all day.

Well, except for right now. He’s asleep.

He and Gpa are becoming pals.  You should see how Gpa lights up when he sees the dog.  Sometimes.  Other times, he’s not sure about the dog.

As he sits on my lap and I pet him, he looks to the front door.  No Lillie.

As he runs around the back yard, he pauses when he hears a car.  No Lillie.

When Gpa and I came back from errands, the dog was so happy.  Even though we didn’t bring Lillie.

How do you explain to a dog that Lillie has gone to California to get set up and will be back for him?

That’s if I let him go when she is ready.

Oh and now how do I tell him that the other daughter and her dogs are moving in for a while.

This poor guy has gone from NO attention to all kinds of attention all over!

And Gena has nail clippers.  His nails are way to long!  That is happening tomorrow.

But maybe the communication isn’t supposed to be me letting the dog know what the plan is, I think it is the dog teaching me that right now is what matters most.

Have a great day.  I’m going to go hang out in the back yard with the dog.



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