Watching for Ice on a Sunny Day

Gpa and I took Gena to the DART station this morning.  Her boyfriend is picking her up from work.  So we went round- a – bout and picked up some things I’ve been meaning to get.

I hate that I haven’t gotten my rain barrell set up yet.  We’ve had 4 inches of rain this week.  So now I have a spigot, but don’t have the tool to take the rain spout apart.  

So we went to drop off shredding and get a curtain rod.  As we were driving over a bridge, Gpa told me to watch out for ice. 


“The sign back there said watch for ice.  Be careful.”  

Then he smiled.  


I reassured him that I would be very careful.



We were gone for several hours.  As soon as we got back, he told me he didn’t have anything to do and was ready to go on my errands with me.

Poor guy!  He missed the trip.

I hope you are having a great day!

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