Projects, Success and Fail

Today, I set out to do two projects I’ve been wanting to do.

The first was put up a curtain rod and hang some shears in the den.  I’ve done this before so even though there are many steps. I was able to get it done and am very happy with the results.

The other project was to create a rain barrel.  I have never done this.  I had to get a spout for the hose to get water out when needed, some down spout because I didn’t want to cut up the one I had and some screening to keep the mosquito’s out.  

When Gpa and I got to the store we found out the gutter supplies were in the opposite corner of the store.  Gpa is such a trooper and walked the whole way.   I have to grab his walker so that he doesn’t run over me if I pause to stop and look at something.

Um. I got a flexible down spout and I can’t get it to stay in place.  I did get the spout in but had to use two different drill bits.  At first the knob hit the barrel so I turned it sideways. 

Going to do some more research for the project.  

Can’t have bits and pieces all over now can we?


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