Part of a Million

Today was errand day.  We started out at the post office.  While we waited in line, I had Gpa read the words on the posted signs.

When he got to one million served each day, he said, “I don’t believe it.”  Then he said, “we are a part of the number.”

I told him that it is one million visit post offices across the country, not visit this store.

As I was buying the stamp, the walker folded up and dumped Gpa on the ground.  All the people in line told me to call an ambulance.  I looked in his eyes and said he’s OK.  A couple of ladies were upset and saying all the bad things that could happen with a head injury.  I said I’d take him to be checked out, I can get him to a hospital before an ambulance came.

I am glad there was concern, but I didn’t really need everyone giving me their opinion.  I don’t deal well with mob mentality.  Really are you gonna make us hang out at the post office until an ambulance comes?

Well, at the hospital, we waited 3 hours before we went home.  I didn’t see any reason to stay.  He didn’t have any symptoms (no dizziness, no nausea, no eyes dilated or different sizes,  knew his name and how many fingers I was holding up, not double) and no telling  how long before he’d be seen.  AND what germs was I exposing him to?

Before we left however,  I got to talking to a lady waiting with her sister and she told me about an adult day care that might take Gpa.

She even gave me the number.  I figure that’s why we went.

Oh and someone from the church I had visited called to welcome me so I was able to ask them to tell Maria that I wouldn’t be there tonight.

Got home and doctored Gpa’s hand, where he had a skin tear.  I hate that we waited so long to get it bandaged.

Gpa has helpers where ever he goes!

I have to figure out if there’s a walker repair place.  I don’t trust it now.



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