As He Was

Everyone who meets Gpa falls in love with him. Well, not the people who push past and don’t take the time to get to know him.

We visited a church that had a pot luck and we were invited to stay.

Several ladies cam and introduced themselves, one got him a plate of food, another a cup of coffee.  Later yet another got second cup of coffee.

I bent down to clean up the mess he was making and I was told to stop.

Volunteers cleaned up.

It was nice to be with people but it made me miss my mom and grandmother.  Later at home, I asked Gpa if he loved all the ladies, he said no.

He only loved Laura Crandall.  He knew her in college.  I asked about Lela.  He replied that she dropped him.

Oh, I wonder how much of that is history that never was spoken of before.

We’ll never know.

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