Mission Accomplished

Wow!  We got a lot of things done today.

After eating breakfast, Gpa and I loaded up in the car.  We went to Home Depot and get a light switch, he really doesn’t like being in a dark bathroom.  Then we went to Fed-Ex to make tax form copies. Only .11 a page!  yay!  Then we went to the adult day care and filled out paperwork. One of the people who go, came over and talked to us.  He said Gpa will really like it.  I told him Gpa was only going to come 1 time a week. He was disappointed that Gpa wouldn’t be coming 5 days a week like he does.

“Well, “I said,” we’ll see.”

Didn’t hear back about the walker/wheel chair.  I’ll call on Monday.

At home I got the light switch changed and after lunch, even though I wanted a nap, I did Gpa’s taxes.

Then we loaded up in the car, got postage, made copies and then back to the post office before 5.  Whew.  One set of taxes done, one to go.

Then while fixing dinner, I put the instant coffee in the oatmeal!  I told Gpa he was getting a new flavor and he ate it right up.  Good thing he likes coffee.

And yet it doesn’t feel like I got anything done today!

I hope y’all have a great Friday!

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