Mother’s Day Out

Well, that is easier to say than, ‘Elder Care Provider Day Out.”

But that’s what we did yesterday.  I found an adult day care in Mesquite.  It is open 5 days a week, but I just wanted to try it and see how Gpa did.  I was as nervous as when the kids first went to daycare.

I kept my phone close as I ran errands and then did projects around the house. Of course, I didn’t get a call.  He did great.

Another neighbor saw me weed-eating my yard and lent me their mower. So nice!

Gpa had a good time but he’s been telling me he’s old.

At Garden Ridge, I bought 2 sets of full sheets on sale for the sofa. One is a lavender and the other is a turquoise. They were 7 each and I found out why when I got home. Very shear. hahahaha.

Then I found a throw that is white with black and peach spots like a leopard or something. It was only 4 and it is on Gpa’s chair.

My den makes me laugh happily.

I also stopped at Home Depot and got cord for the weed eater. I had to buy a 3 pack.  A lifetime supply.  But when I opened the weed eater, it had just come un threaded. Drats.

I also bought some pipe insulation for the outside pipes and weather-stripping.

Next was the grocery store.  I took my clipboard in that had my to-do list and a bunch of notes of things I want to do and write.  For a moment, I thought, I should just take the to-do list but I overrode that thought and just grabbed the whole thing.

Coming out of the store, the wind flipped a few of the pages up so I weighed it down by the store add.  UM that was not enough.

As I got to the car a gust of wind grabbed the pages and they went flying across the parking lot!  All I could do was grab my head.

I thought, I’ll just let it go and see if I could recreate what I lost.  I noticed a page just a couple of steps away so I picked it up.  Then another.  A gentleman arriving at the store started picking up pages as well.  He made it all the way to the strip of grass between the Home Depot and the store.  I followed behind crawling under cars that wheels had caught pages.   I think we got them all.

Don’t let the wind take your dreams away. They are too important.  Achieving them is one step at a time.

I feel like I got a lot done. Though I still need to do the back yard and alley.

Gpa was glad to see me as it was getting closer to dinner and he was worried about eating.  He said he’d go again.  I think we’ll make this a Thursday thing to do.

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