Monthly Archives: February 2012

As He Was

Everyone who meets Gpa falls in love with him. Well, not the people who push past and don’t take the time to get to know him.

We visited a church that had a pot luck and we were invited to stay.

Several ladies cam and introduced themselves, one got him a plate of food, another a cup of coffee.  Later yet another got second cup of coffee.

I bent down to clean up the mess he was making and I was told to stop.

Volunteers cleaned up.

It was nice to be with people but it made me miss my mom and grandmother.  Later at home, I asked Gpa if he loved all the ladies, he said no.

He only loved Laura Crandall.  He knew her in college.  I asked about Lela.  He replied that she dropped him.

Oh, I wonder how much of that is history that never was spoken of before.

We’ll never know.

Gpa at Juggling Class

A woman confessed to me today that she loved Gpa.  I am used to him having that effect on the fairer sex.  He’s done it all his life.  And now he does it without seeming to try.  He spent most of juggling class napping.  A couple of times he stood up because he was ready to go.

The woman had brought her daughters by walking so they had snacks.  She gave Gpa a cookie after asking if he could have one.

He must have smiled at her when he said thank you.  That gets them every time.  I have to confess I am not immune to when he smiles, his whole face lights up and his eyes twinkle.

OK to Spit

Gpa and I were at the doctor today.  He said that symptoms from a fall would appear in the first hour.  Ohhh, so we didn’t have to sit in the hospital waiting area for 3 hours.

While we were there, Gpa spit on his finger and rubbed it on his skin tear.  I said, “no, don’t do that.”

Then the doctor said it is OK.  There are antibiotics in the spit.  Probably something he remembers from his grandmother.

OK so I’ll let Gpa spit on his cut.

Who knew?


Part of a Million

Today was errand day.  We started out at the post office.  While we waited in line, I had Gpa read the words on the posted signs.

When he got to one million served each day, he said, “I don’t believe it.”  Then he said, “we are a part of the number.”

I told him that it is one million visit post offices across the country, not visit this store.

As I was buying the stamp, the walker folded up and dumped Gpa on the ground.  All the people in line told me to call an ambulance.  I looked in his eyes and said he’s OK.  A couple of ladies were upset and saying all the bad things that could happen with a head injury.  I said I’d take him to be checked out, I can get him to a hospital before an ambulance came.

I am glad there was concern, but I didn’t really need everyone giving me their opinion.  I don’t deal well with mob mentality.  Really are you gonna make us hang out at the post office until an ambulance comes?

Well, at the hospital, we waited 3 hours before we went home.  I didn’t see any reason to stay.  He didn’t have any symptoms (no dizziness, no nausea, no eyes dilated or different sizes,  knew his name and how many fingers I was holding up, not double) and no telling  how long before he’d be seen.  AND what germs was I exposing him to?

Before we left however,  I got to talking to a lady waiting with her sister and she told me about an adult day care that might take Gpa.

She even gave me the number.  I figure that’s why we went.

Oh and someone from the church I had visited called to welcome me so I was able to ask them to tell Maria that I wouldn’t be there tonight.

Got home and doctored Gpa’s hand, where he had a skin tear.  I hate that we waited so long to get it bandaged.

Gpa has helpers where ever he goes!

I have to figure out if there’s a walker repair place.  I don’t trust it now.