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Only 99.9% of the People Love Gpa

Gpa and I ran up to the store to get some get-well items for Gena.  The first mistake was going after school when all the harried moms would be at the store.  The other mistake I made is going to the store closest to the house.  They have a weird set up where you put your cart on one side of the last minute junk divider and line up on the other side.   I’ve had problems with this before but not like today.

I had put the cart on the one side, leaving Gpa at the end of the other side.  I had just told him to scoot up when a kid jumped in front of us and then his mom and other kids filled the space.  So I said “excuse me. ”  The woman ignored me but her skinny kid raised his arms and started defending their position.

Voices became raised.  I’ll admit it, if you yell at me and raise your arms, I’ll get loud too.

So she sent her kid to the car I guess but she defended her position that it was ok to cut in line because we were too slow.

I replied that my grandfather is 100.  She said that is why she had kids is so that they would take care of her.

All the while facing away from me.

I told her it wasn’t how family treats you, it’s how other people treat you.  She said she wasn’t going to talk to me.

Then the manager came and happily took her to another aisle.  So she got rewarded for being a bully!

As I pushed Gpa forward, she continued to quietly talk smack.  she said if we got to close to her, I’d be sorry.

I had enough and left the store.  There is a grocery store across the street.  We went there.

This incident threw me off for an entire week.  Do we stand up for ourselves or not?  I can’t figure out anything I could have said or done that would have made a difference.  Oh, I’ll not be going to that store again.  The layout is just asking for people to have a fight.

And it’s hard knowing that not everyone who meets Gpa will fall in love with him instantly.

Their loss.

Family Pics

My sister brought several boxes of pictures that she was wanting to go through and declutter her house.  They were our Dad’s pictures.

I said bring them over.  So after we celebrated birthdays, we broke out the boxes and started looking.  Most of the pictures were of a trip to Hawaii that Dad and Vickie took with Aunt and Cousin.

For some reason Dad made copies and more copies.  I took some but most went in the done pile.

But there was also a set of my undergrad graduation and I found pics of Grandpa I didn’t know were taken.

I snatched those up.  Gpa was usually the one who took the picture so we don’t have too many over the years.

There were even pics of the kids when they were little and mom in her Halloween costumes.

I am so glad I told Vickie to bring the pictures over.  It was a great way to end a very nice Sunday.


Gpa and the Hunger Games

At one point when I was reading the Hunger Games, I told my daughter they were like the draft.  I am thankful that we do not have the draft but we have in the past.

Gpa’s father and brother did not have to go to war because they were farmer’s. Gpa’s number came up and his boss at the weather bureau put in an exemption and it was granted.

Gpa never went to war. Too young for WWI, exempted for WWII and now too old.

He was so proud when John joined the Marines.  He said John was the first one in the family to serve.  I had to disagree.  The government considered farming and Gpa’s work with the weather bureau important enough for them to stay stateside.

Gena went to the midnight showing.  Gpa and I’ll wait until the movie is on the dollar movie as I’d like to see it on the big screen.  Unless there are some western scenes, he’ll most likely sleep through it.



P.O.T.S Spells Stop

There is a family story where my mom was riding in the car with Gpa.  As they came to the stop sign, she proudly proclaimed, “P.O.T.S spells stop!”

I haven’t thought about this story for a number of years.  Until the other day when Gpa and I were driving in the car, as we came to the stop sign, he proudly proclaimed, “P.O.T.S spells stop!”  He then looked at me and grinned.

I grinned back, “Yes, it does!”

I’m glad he remembers happy days in the past.  I’m glad the stories were told so that I know what he’s referring to and not thinking it’s just the dementia.

Poor mom, I wonder if she was dyslexic and never diagnosed, or just a little kid learning to read.

Thinking of Heaven

Gpa wore green today but I forgot until we were in the car.  I didn’t want to take the time to go back in the house.  I’m so glad that the places we went, no one pointed out my deficiency or pinched me.

I did buy some tomato plants from the community garden sale so I would have used being green as my defense.

For dinner Gpa chose to have pumpkin added to his oatmeal to taste like pie.  His other choice was peanut butter.  He thought a moment and chose wisely.

He told me it tasted like Heaven and made him love me.  I told him I love him, too.  I teared up.  These are the moments that are super special and make all the hardness of this time worth it.

Later, when he was back in his easy chair, he asked me to take him to Heaven.  I told him I couldn’t do that.  He said sure you can, you just take me by the arm and lead me there.

UM, no, I’m the one voting for him to stay here until he’s 105 or more to beat his sister’s record.

The last understandable thing my grandmother said when she died was, “there’s papa.”  So I’m sure Gpa will have someone he loves guide him home.  I would not be surprised if it isn’t his wife and he’s just getting us mixed up.  I hope he doesn’t follow her anytime soon.

Great Day All Around

Gpa said, “I like it here.” When I dropped him off at the Adult day care.  I’m sure it has a lot to do with second breakfast.

We are going to try 2 days a week next week, Monday and Thursday.  On Monday, I’ll be leading the activity with juggling!  Won’t that be fun?  I will need to sit down and get the beanbags that have holes in them sewn up.

I got to see a couple of friends in Carrollton and then swung by Plano and had lunch with another friend.

Gpa has now had his dinner and napping.  I’m hoping he’ll have had enough that he won’t tell me that he’s starving to death when he wakes up.

I hope you had a great day today.  If you didn’t, I hope you have a super weekend!

57, 75 and 100

Earlier today Gpa told me he was an old man.  I said ‘how old?’


Then we went to an apartment ministry to teach juggling.  Boy that wore us both out!  But it was great we had about 16 kids.  I lost count because they kept showing up.

On the way home Gpa said he was 75 and had about a year to live.  I said, ‘I bet you’ll make it to 100.’

He nodded.

I replied, ‘That gives you another 25 years.’

‘I’d like that,’ he answered.

‘Me, too!’


Gpa Juggles!

There were only a couple of students tonight at juggling class.  Maria passed bean bags with Gpa.  They did very well.  She had 3 bean bags and he had one.  He is our oldest student.

While Maria and Gpa juggled, her daughters and I played.  Somehow I and several clubs and scarves ended up in timeout!

Since we plan on 15 students and even get that many sometimes, I’ve begun talking to the manager of the library about fundraising to get more equipment.

I called Dube and found out some of the discounts and bulk rates they have.  My sister suggested I write to Dube and see if the higher-ups can  do something more.

I hope so.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The other thing I want to do is recognize attendance with gifting the student with equipment they can take home.  I got the spreadsheet from the library and added some formulas and filters so we can easily see who has attended the most.  I’m sorry we haven’t captured contact info otherwise we could let the kids from last year know of the incentives.

When the Kids Visited Gpa

Lillie mentioned the other day that the Great-Great grand kids have such different memories of Gpa.  They have only known him since he got dementia.  They told her he is mean.

That is very sad.  My kids, Lillie included used to visit Gpa and have all sorts of fun things happen.  Like eating desert at Le Madeleine’s for lunch, throwing water balloons off a 16th floor balcony and ziplining in the backyard.

One story they have told, really surprised me.  It was after mom and Gma passed away.  All three went for a visit and they were fussing in the grocery store. Apparently Gpa got tired of the fussing and he started doing it, too.  However, he also started running crazy with the grocery cart and playing chicken in the parking lot.

I asked them several times.  “Are you sure?” Yes.

I think seeing Gpa mimic their behavior gave them food for thought.  He never had to do it again.

Next time we visit the Great-Greats, I’m going to tell them stories of Gpa when he was younger.  I want them to know more than his mean side.


Our Dogs’ Life

Cagney is the only dog out for breakfast and lunch.  He has gotten very good at sitting under Gpa waiting to catch what is dropped.  This may be why Gena thinks Cagney is gaining weight.  And here I am proud of myself for not giving him any snacks!  I’m not sure but I think I saw Gpa drop food in Cagney’s direction.

Sometimes bits of food make it to Gpa’s chair.  That is where Moose gets his share.  Moose is tall enough to just stand by the chair and clean it with minimum of effort.  Cagney can only sit by and watch jealously.  Moose also licks the walker clean.

If Moose goes to the chair while Gpa is in it, Gpa will tell me the dog is eating him.  Then he’ll grin to let me know he’s teasing.

I think Missy is a picky eater as she doesn’t participate in any of the extras.  Smart Girl.