Our Dogs’ Life

Cagney is the only dog out for breakfast and lunch.  He has gotten very good at sitting under Gpa waiting to catch what is dropped.  This may be why Gena thinks Cagney is gaining weight.  And here I am proud of myself for not giving him any snacks!  I’m not sure but I think I saw Gpa drop food in Cagney’s direction.

Sometimes bits of food make it to Gpa’s chair.  That is where Moose gets his share.  Moose is tall enough to just stand by the chair and clean it with minimum of effort.  Cagney can only sit by and watch jealously.  Moose also licks the walker clean.

If Moose goes to the chair while Gpa is in it, Gpa will tell me the dog is eating him.  Then he’ll grin to let me know he’s teasing.

I think Missy is a picky eater as she doesn’t participate in any of the extras.  Smart Girl.



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