When the Kids Visited Gpa

Lillie mentioned the other day that the Great-Great grand kids have such different memories of Gpa.  They have only known him since he got dementia.  They told her he is mean.

That is very sad.  My kids, Lillie included used to visit Gpa and have all sorts of fun things happen.  Like eating desert at Le Madeleine’s for lunch, throwing water balloons off a 16th floor balcony and ziplining in the backyard.

One story they have told, really surprised me.  It was after mom and Gma passed away.  All three went for a visit and they were fussing in the grocery store. Apparently Gpa got tired of the fussing and he started doing it, too.  However, he also started running crazy with the grocery cart and playing chicken in the parking lot.

I asked them several times.  “Are you sure?” Yes.

I think seeing Gpa mimic their behavior gave them food for thought.  He never had to do it again.

Next time we visit the Great-Greats, I’m going to tell them stories of Gpa when he was younger.  I want them to know more than his mean side.


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