Gpa Juggles!

There were only a couple of students tonight at juggling class.  Maria passed bean bags with Gpa.  They did very well.  She had 3 bean bags and he had one.  He is our oldest student.

While Maria and Gpa juggled, her daughters and I played.  Somehow I and several clubs and scarves ended up in timeout!

Since we plan on 15 students and even get that many sometimes, I’ve begun talking to the manager of the library about fundraising to get more equipment.

I called Dube and found out some of the discounts and bulk rates they have.  My sister suggested I write to Dube and see if the higher-ups can  do something more.

I hope so.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The other thing I want to do is recognize attendance with gifting the student with equipment they can take home.  I got the spreadsheet from the library and added some formulas and filters so we can easily see who has attended the most.  I’m sorry we haven’t captured contact info otherwise we could let the kids from last year know of the incentives.

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